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Emergency advice

As a local authority we have an important role to support the emergency services in the case of a major emergency within the borough. These emergencies can be natural disasters such as flooding, storms and pollution also other events such as major traffic accidents, unexploded bombs or acts of terrorism. Our role and responsibilities are outlined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 where we are a category 1 responder.

For further information on the risks in Lancashire and what to do in an emergency please visit

Business continuity advice

We are committed to providing and maintaining high levels of service to our customers. In the event of a major incident at any of our offices the aim is to restore the highest possible levels of service in the shortest possible time.

Floods, drains and gullies

As part of our responsibility for sweeping the roads, we are also responsible for ensuring the drains and gullies remain free from waste on the surface. Blocked gullies can lead to an increase in surface flooding.

Environment Agency flood alerts

View information on flood alerts and flood warning in Lancashire

Our role in emergencies

Our role in emergencies

Winter weather

We have put together some useful information to keep you warm and well during the cold weather. The best way to get through winter is to keep warm and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Gas leaks

View information on what to do if there is a gas leak

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