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Senior salaries

Under the government's greater drive for transparency, councils are expected to publish data on senior employees. 

By following the guidance, we publish salary information for the Chief Executive, Directors, and the Heads of Service. 

The following roles are shared with South Ribble Borough Council as part of our shared services arrangement:


Chief officers pay at 1 January 2021

  • Chief Executive: £145,000 (exclusive of Returning Officer fees which are paid separately) 
  • Deputy Chief Executive: £102,750
  • Director (Customer and Digital): £90,000
  • Director (Planning and Development): £80,000 
  • Director (Communities): £80,000 
  • Director (Commercial and Property): £80,000 
  • Director of Governance: £77,063
  • Director of Finance: £75,000 (under consideration) 
  • Deputy Director of Finance: £61,650
  • Shared Service Lead- Legal: £61,650
  • Shared Service Lead- Transformation and Partnerships: £61,650
  • Shared Service Lead- Communications and Visitor Economy: £60,000
  • Shared Service Lead- Democratic, Scrutiny and Electoral Services: £54,663
  • Shared Service Lead- Audit and Risk: £54,663

The following roles are for Chorley Council only: 

  • Service Lead- Communities £54,663
  • Service Lead- Housing Solutions and Public Protection (vacant) 
  • Service Lead- Commercial and Assets £54,663
  • Service Lead- Business and Development £54,663
  • Service Lead- ICT £54,663
  • Service Lead- Customer Services (vacant) 
  • Service Lead- Planning £56,882
  • Service Lead- Spatial Planning £56,882



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