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House building in our borough

We've been raising concerns that we know many of you share about the number of new houses being built in our borough and the impact this has on how we go about our daily lives, the green spaces we enjoy and our environment.

We have been tirelessly putting pressure on government to rethink the too-high house building targets set for Chorley, and until now we have been blocked at every turn.

There was recent government announcement that now appears to say that the Minister is agreeing with us here in Chorley - which we very much welcome - however, he has not yet made the changes in law to enable us to set our own targets, so there is still a way to go and we can't rely on well meaning words...we need the national policy to be changed in parliament.

Central Lancashire Local Plan

The current Central Lancashire development plan and the three Local Plans for Chorley, Preston and South Ribble needs to be replaced to meet national planning policy and guidance requirements.

The plan is important because it help us shape where development takes place and what open spaces and green belt are protected for the next 15 years.

We recently consulted on a site options document which sees the number of homes Chorley needs to develop drop slightly and help protect our green belt land from housing development but we feel that the Government needs to go further to ensure areas like Chorley aren't overrun with housing.

What can we do?

We still need to make it clear what development our borough needs - and also what it doesn't need.

We will keep pushing the Government and continue to prioritise a plan-led approach to development that helps to provide certainty to local communities as to where new development will be and what infrastructure is required to make it sustainable. We will also look to protect our vitally important green spaces.

We'd ask that our residents support us by taking an active part in consultation when it comes to planning applications and the Local Plan process that will continue through 2023.

Thank you for your support to date. We all need to keep making the case for Chorley's future.

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